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Save money and time.

Hotel bookings go smoother when you can see all your options in one place, can search the greatest amount of hotel deals available and can do it with just one click. Hotelpepper is focused on making this happen.

Every single day people use HotelPepper to search for great hotel deals.
The easiest choice for busy people looking to save time and money booking their hotel.

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hotelpepper comes in many different languages

Get real feedback on hotels

Thousands of reviews. No Hidden ones.

Search all your favourite sites in one place

Choose between all your favorites sites in one place

Search through hotels on maps

Search on a map and Find nearby attractions

Search in 30 seconds and completely FREE

100% Free and No Hidden Costs

Search all your favourite sites in one place

Search all your favourite travel sites in one place, all at the same time.

Hotelpepper simultaneously searches all leading hotel reservation sites and direct hotel sites to find you the best available hotel deals. What’s more we compare full price data including taxes, fees and rebates.

One button does it all.

Just select the dates you are going, how many guests and how many rooms you need then hit the orange "search". It will go off and do all that work for you. The whole thing takes less than 30 seconds.
One button let
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See all rates and rooms on 1 page.

Instead of scurrying across the net and searching for prices and putting them into a spreadsheet to compare, use hotelpepper to get all the room rates and prices on 1 page. Easy to read and quick to collate and then just click the best one for you and be taken to that site to make the reservation.

More hotels. More rates. More availability.

Hotelpepper has the world's leading hotel price comparison search engine featuring over 2,500,000 hotel deals in 50,000 destinations across 200 countries.
Hotelpepper searches hotel deals across 200 countries

I found hotelpepper a really simple and intuitive way to find a local hotel around the Sydney area.


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Real reviews brought to you for your hotel search

Real reviews and ratings from travellers like you.

Alongside the hotel's official star rating, get detailed and verified feedback from previous guests of hotels and an overall rating of each hotel. You can even view hotels based on their popularity per city. Knowing if the breakfast is delicious, or if the room is clean or if the staff are friendly are things you need to know before booking a room.

Easily make the right decision.

Hotelpepper real-human reviews, rating system, photos and maps help you make the right decision based on more than just your hotel budget. It's important to make sure you in the right place, near the event you are attending or sights you want to see, and does the hotel have a pool, is internet included and do people rave about it? Hotelpepper brings all this info to you.

Check if the hotel is near the places you want to go to with interactive maps.

Look on the maps for hotels near your points of interest. Street name of the office you're visiting, city centre, airport, museum, beach, bay side - points of interest are listed and can be selected as well seeing which hotels are nearer to the places you want to go.
Location maps for your hotel searches

Powerful tools at your fingertips.

Hotelpepper not just brings you all the data you need but also gives you the right tools to refine the results and easily sort through all the hotels.
Photos of the hotels in your search

Photos say a thousand words.

Don't just take the description's word for it. Scroll through slideshows of the hotel rooms and location photos to get a feel for the hotel before deciding where to book.

Predictive text features

Just start typing and the right city in the right country will pop up.
Predicts city names when you start your search

Loads more great things.

Search hotel rates in your local currency, your mother tongue and even whilst on the go with the hotelpepper mobile site.
Filter your hotel search by hotel brand or features

Filter your data in seconds.

Narrow your search for the perfect hotel based on its location distance to other cities, local landmarks and sights, star ratings, hotel features, hotel brand name and others.
Filter your hotel search by location on a map
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Hotelpepper in your pocket.

Don't be limited to searching for a hotel booking at your desk, use the new hotelpepper mobile site on your iPhone, Android device or Blackberry.

Hotelpepper in your mother tongue

Hotelpepper is currently in 6 languages: English, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian and French. More languages on the way!
Hotel search in different languages
Search for hotel deals in your local currency

Local Search

You can search hotelpepper in around 14 different currencies - search in the one which is best for you or filter through a couple to compare.
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